Thursday, 27 June 2013


A gull's voice
Suddenly I was soaring. Flying! The wind whipped my face. I wavered, rain sting, forks of lightning snaking down. Gulls screamed. An apocalypse of clouds loomed above, a tangle of ribbons... Dark black... Angry clouds. A turbulence of waves caved in on itself, a crash resounding... Bending... Billowing. Friends dived through the waters, their prizes clasped tight. I dived.
Waters churning... Breaking... A fish, darting between the reeds... A lunge... It was gone, swirling out over the grey greenness. A haven below, yet a chaos above... I screamed a cry of exultation at the simplicity of my life. My voice was carried away by the wind, away into the darkness. My wing cracked, and I swirled off. A splash sounded. And I was back in the green haven, but I would stay for very long this time...


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