Where Was She From?

By Lily Cooper

Crash! She collapsed on the cold, wet grass. All she could think about was, how did her rocket go wrong? All she wanted was to go to the moon. Instead, she was lying in a cold, damp garden. She slowly crept to her feet. her heart was beating like a horse's hooves on a path. She stumbled up to the house not knowing that through the misty window was Drake. His face was soaked with sweat. He had just finished reading another chapter of "An Alien Hunter's Guide To Life".

Wongi gazed through the windo at the strange looking creature. His eyes were white round the edges. He had NO WINGS! his hair was neatly combed back! On the other side of the glass, Drake suddenly realised he was not alone. Through the misted glass he could see a creature staring back at him. It was a rare Wongi from the planet Saturn. It was amazing. He had been waiting all his life for something like this to happen. He rushed to the drawer at the back of the living room, pulled it open and lifted out a megapixel seven thousand alien zapper.

Wongi saw the strange creature running back towards the window. She raised her three fingered hand in greeting. The reply wasn't so pleasant. There was a smashing sound as his double glazed window crumbled and a flash of light lit up the dark. Something whistled past her large blue ears. He had missed, but was he going to try again?

HZDb Movie Database
Film Title: Where was she from? What was she?
Synopsis: Wongi wanted desperately to go to the moon. Then she met Drake and it all went wrong…
Location design:  Class 10
Character development: Polly G, Oliver L, Adam, Tejas 
Story by: Lily Cooper
Animation by: Abhishek, Jess, Sarah, Angus

Where Was She From, Who Was She from hjsTV on Vimeo.

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