Book Of Secrets

by Lily Smart

"Mum!" shouted Bilbo, "I'm off to the library!"
"OK," she replied. So off he went to the library.

When he arrived he found there was only one book in the librayr. That book was The Book Of Secrets. As there was no librarian, he took it out himself, sat down on some cushions and read. After a while, the words got more smudged. He rubbed at them until....BANG! He'd vanished into The Book Of Secrets.

Cautiously, Bilbo crept into this mystical land full of wonder and surprises. As he grew nearer to the forest, he found himself outside a cave. He walked in and heard grumbling. It was Chubby, the monster from The Book Of Secrets. he tiptoed out and stepped on a twig. Meanwhile, Chubby woke up! instead of him, he ran away. When he got back to the book he opened it and jumped in. after a few minutes he was back in the library, because he was so frightened he ran home, opened the door and slammed it shut. Bilbo was breathless! moreover, Mum was there and asked how it was. Bilbo replied, "It was horrible!" He replied, "I won't ever mention the book's name."
"Don't be silly!" Mum said.
HZDb Movie Database
Film Title: The Book Of Secrets
Synopsis: Bilbo gets out the only book in the library and goes on a most unexpected journey.
Location design:  Eoin, Maija, Adam, Mischa
Character development: Alfie, Jessica, Hugo, Peter W
Story by: Lily S
Animation by: Luke, Christian, Nabil, Stan

Book of Secrets from hjsTV on Vimeo.

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