The Door Slammed Shut

by Minna Reeves Khan

The door slammed shut. Jade and Spots, her pet dalmation, had just stepped out of their old, grey house into the warm, wonderful summers day. The birds were singing in the trees. They meandered to the park, and as they opened the old metal gate they saw children playing happily.

Jade started to set up a picnic on the fresh, green grass. Once she had finished she went to find Spots.

"Spots!" shouted Jade, but her voice was immediately drowned out by a loud barking coming from near the lake. As Jade ran closer to the lake she could see a black figure rising from the water.

"I am Mr Dracula!" he boomed. Slowly, he walked over to Jade and Spots. Jade's blood froze as Mr Dracula approached her. Just as he was about to grab Jade and Spots they turned and ran, but as they did Mr Dracula began to run after them. People started to leave the park screaming, as Mr Dracula chased Jade and Spots around the lake.

"Spots, follow me," panted Jade as she turned, and sprinted towards the park gate. However, it was no good. Mr Dracula was still following them. Finally they came to Jade's road. They were now running down the street as fast as possible. At last Jade turned the last corner that led to her house.

Jade did a sharp turn at her gate, her brown hair flicking her in the face. Spots could hardly keep up (after all, he was only a puppy). Jade flung open her front door. She and Spots ran through the door just as Mr Dracula ran through the gate. With a sigh of relief, Jade gave a mighty push and the door slammed shut.

HZDb Movie Database
Film Title: The Door Slammed Shut
Synopsis: Jade and her dog, Spots, get a surprise when they go to the park.
Location design:  Holly, Timmy, Simon, Jess W, Sam Y, Ava
Character development: Yu Xuan, Ben B, Lia
Story by: Minna
Animation by: Lily B, Pippa, Hafsah, Miranda

The Door Slammed Shut from hjsTV on Vimeo.

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