Rising, out of the bleak wilderness is a solitary hill. On this hill lies a dejected castle where the rusty battlements and long, forgotten, forlorn walls create a mournful silhouette against the sky.
Cackling, behind a rusted oak door the only beings that inhabited the fortress where hatching plans. There was Merdoc, king of the bats, father of the great snake Dan. Also Zack, a repulsive zombie who’s brain spilled over his head and was utterly afraid of light. They were discussing plans for raiding a peaceful village down the valley.
The oak door swung slowly open then out strode Merdoc, his coal black cape whirling franticly behind him, Zack and Dan striving after him, the sunrise very near.
“Under the cover of darkness our plan will not fail” hissed Merdoc in an icy whisper, striding towards the pale glow on the horizon.
Reddening at every minute the sky grew brighter as the companions went on and on. Startled, by a shriek Merdoc and Dan halted and turned round. Cowering on the ground Zack was shaking. A sound like cracking stone split the air .Where Zack had once lay, now there was a pillar of salt.
Sitting motionless on the path sat a murky swamp, its waters were covered in moss, grass and reeds so it was no wonder that when Merdoc came to the edge of the marsh he, his son, his cape and his head disappeared into the mud and were never sighted again.

The woodmen of the peaceful village were lucky that night. For if the evil company had come to the valley the villagers would have been throttled in their sleep and dragged away!
HZDb Movie Database
Film Title: Alone
Synopsis: Three wicked villains set out on an evil errand that will have disastrous consequences. What can stop them?
Location design: Hugh, Maddie, Fin, Sally-Ann, Sarah-Lou

Character development: Owais, Oliver, Eithan, Joey

Story by: Luke

Animation by: Lucy, Henna, Miranda

Alone from hjsTV on Vimeo.

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