The Clown

Characters:  Greg & Renny Wise
Setting:  haunted circus tent
One night, a boy named Greg stepped into an old circus tent expecting for a show. He stepped in.  Suddenly the doors slammed!  All Greg could see was black. Then out of nowhere he heard a high pitch laugh. Cautiously Greg walked further in but the laugh did not come again. Just as he thought that he was safe he saw a shadow! He ran away as fast as lightning looking for the exit suddenly he fell into a pit and fainted.
When he awoke he saw a large clown. His name was Renny Wise … He said he would eat Greg in the morning.
The next day Greg woke with a start .He could hear footsteps coming towards him. Greg hid in the shadows of his pit. Renny Wise must have thought he had escaped because he turned around and walked away.
Greg knew this was his chance to escape but how .Greg had to climb up his pit. After a few efforts he reached the top. Suddenly he saw Renny and ran to the exit.
Renny Wise did not follow him so Greg went to K.F.C.
HZDb Movie Database
Film Title: The Clown
Synopsis: A single day to escape from death. Will Renny Wise capture Greg in the circus tent?
Location design: Gwen, Will, adeebah, Tilly T
Character development: Allamin, Jonathan, Charlie, Matthew J
Story by: Jon Beale
Animation by: Zelda, Lottie, Najibah

The Clown from hjsTV on Vimeo.

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