Before Midnight

by Hannah Taubman

Hurrying through the dense woods, Scaly could feel the pocket watch pulsing against her chest. Tick tock. Tick tock. Her friends would be arriving soon. As she thought this, she cackled.

Through the ogre-like trees Tommy scampered, He couldn't wait to go walking with his friend. As he reached the cast oak tree, out of nowhere his friend appeared, wearing a jet black dress with a pointed witch's hat - his friend always dressed eccentrically. It looked as if she had been pulled through a hedge backwards.

Scaly looked around the undergrowth and then beckoned to Tommy. Through the vast forest Scaly and Tommy clambered until they reached an expansive clearing. Fatigued from the long walk, Tommy collapsed on a nearby rock and dozed off.

Out of nowhere, Scaly conjured a fire with a cauldron sitting over it. The cauldron was average sized with a substantial amount of emerald green smoke issuing from the top. She stirred it twice with her wand, looking at sleeping Tommy and though to herself, "What a fantastic potion I'll make out of him."

Suddenly, Tommy woke up. He took one glance at the cauldron and then charged at the witch like a bull, sending her toppling into her own bubbling cauldron. Then unexpectedly from a distance Tommy heard someone calling his name, saying, "Tommy, Tommy, where are you Tommy?" As the vocie got closer, Tommy realised that it was his father, George, who had been looking for him for a while.

HZDb Movie Database
Film Title: Before Midnight
Synopsis: Tommy goes to meet his friend. But is his friend really what she seems?
Location design:  
Character development: Tom, Sophie, Lauren, Oliver T
Story by: Hannah, Lali, Millie, Henry
Animation by: Eliba, Sophie, Rose

Before Midnight from hjsTV on Vimeo.

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