The Lost Child

by Hazel Wood
Setting: London underground
Characters: Katy Rosebud, Sam Rosebud and Sophie Sanders
Sight: Millions of people
“Come on dear, time to go,” said Katy.
“Yes my first trip to London underground. I can’t wait!” cried Sam
So off they went.
‘It’s so busy here Mum,” Sam was disappointed.
“I’m sorry Sam but I’m sure we will get a seat I’ve booked first class.”
In the corner of Sam’s eye, although it was hard to see, he saw a girl playing with worms and insects. ‘she’s pretty, she’s cute. Wow!” At this this point Sam was staring at her. Glistening like mad, her eyes were on fire.
Unfortunately Sam was not looking where he was going and tumbled onto the rusty old train track.” Help me somebody help me!” shouted Sam.  Glancing up, Sophie wandered what was happening. Soon she found out that Sam was on the train track.
A train was coming! There was only one thing to do. She leapt up onto the train track and grabbed him. Finally, she hauled him up.

"Thank you girl,” said Sam relieved. ” You’re my hero”.
HZDb Movie Database
Film Title: The Lost Child
Synopsis: A story of love, danger and bravery set in the London Underground.
Location design: Madeleine, Holly, Jake, Dylan
Character development: Allegra, Isabel, Louise S, Abby C
Story by: Hazel Wood
Animation by: Ellen, Dan, Vida, Thomas

The Lost Child from hjsTV on Vimeo.

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