Tick Tock

By Matthew Peacock
"Ahhh!" Jack yawned exhaustedly. It had been a long day, but now it was time for bed. As he drifted into his sleep, Jack started to see a muddy path, then some trees. after that, foxes and wildlife. "I must be in a forest," Jack thought to himself. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a lime coloured creature on a broomstick appeared. as quick as lightning, she snatched Jack up and was gone.

Deep into the forest, there were humungous guards leading Jack into the forest prison down in the derelict dungeons. Jack demanded to know why hea was being kept in prison, but nobody told him. All Jack had to accommodate him was an old tennis ball and a small clock which looked oddly familiar. Tick, tock, tick, tock, it went all day and all night. Hours, which felt like days, went by until one day Jack saw a sparkly light come down from the dungeon ceiling. as it got closer, he realised that it was none other than the toothe fairy, Almost as quick as the horrible witch had snatched Jack up, the tooth fairy took Jack's hand and they teleported to Magic Land. The tooth fairy, also known as Esther, took Jack on a quick tour of the beautiful island. after the tour, Esther took Jack to....
HZDb Movie Database
Film Title: Tick Tock
Synopsis: An epic tale of Jack on a quest to be free.
Location design:  Jess, Anna, Sofia, Tom L, Amelia
Character development: Bethan, Lucas, Joseph, Livvy
Story by: Matthew, Xavier, Tom S, Celia
Animation by: Freya, George S, Kieran, Lily J

Tick Tock from hjsTV on Vimeo.

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