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Film Title: Abandoned
Synopsis: A week of candy and fun turns into chaos and destruction. Will Candy World ever be safe again?

Location design: John Donald, Luke Kingscott, Max Batchelor, Sarah-Louise Dickson

Character development: Charlotte Cooper, Hannah Ogidi,
Hannah Gabey, Alice Robinson

Story by: Ewan Szczelkun

Animation by: Izzy Fisher, Aaliyah Morgan, Molly Cockerill, Daisy Cooper

Abandoned by Ewan Szczelkun
Characters: Jessie, Gnomey and Blob
Flash bang boom! Jessie found herself lying in a deep, dark wood. She looked around. Cautiously peeping through a hedge, a most amazing sight met her eyes, she was in candy world. There were millions of gnomes dancing to lets go crazy, crazy, crazy till we see the sun.
She walked in cautiously into the world. A gnome popped out .He said “I will be your guide around candy world”. He was a fast, little fellow so she had to go at a fast paste. He led her to a beautiful little golden hotel that a tree with a door. It was bigger on the inside than the outside. She stayed at candy world for a whole week.
When one day she looked out the window and noticed there weren`t any gnomes. Instead she saw a really weird character standing by himself. She was about to go out when a portal sucked her away home. One day she heard from the gnomes and heard that the bubble man was there enemy, and that the world was destroyed by Blob. At least she was safe. She cried every day about the world.

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