Silly Billy

Clunk clunk. Engine failure. Trying to get home, they fell out of the sky, like ten tons of weight. Trying to start it back up again, Silly Billy was driving whilst Princess Plump was fixing it.
She is very ugly, she keeps eating burgers and is one of the most hated rulers on the planet.

The spaceship hit earth. As the ground came into focus, they saw a road leading to a dead end.
At the end of the road there was a mansion. They snuck inside and saw the strangest thing. It had four legs and it was looking at them. They realised someone was coming down the stairs. Princess Plump whispered, rather loudly, "It's a human." both of them panicked and ran. They managed to hide under the stairs.
As the human got to the bottom of the stairs, Silly billy lept out and captured the human, locking them in the cupboard.
"Phew!" said Princess plump. "Let's go!"
They ran upstairs and into a room. They opened a strange cupboard. It had lots of clothes inside.
"We can use these metal things (they were coathangers) to mend our spaceship!"
"Great idea," said Silly Billy, "but I quite like this dress."
"We don't have time for that," said Princess plump. "Take that off now!"
With the metal things and a few items stolen from the dressing table, they made a run for it back to the ship.
Silly Billy said, "Let's go home!"

HZDb Movie Database
Film Title: Silly Billy
Synopsis: The story of two aliens that crash their spaceship but save the day by fixing their ship with coat hangers.
Location design:  Noah, Rachel, Aaron, Jake, Milda
Character development: Eva, Mohammed, Catherine
Story by: Sam, Louis, Molly, Leah
Animation by: Annie, Katrina, George L

Silly Billy from hjsTV on Vimeo.

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