The Attic

by Jack Thompson
This is just great I have to go to a lame wedding in a puny little church Peter thought to himself sarcastically “time to get out" exclaimed Mum. Jo started nibbling at my ear. Jo is his hamster and he takes him everywhere on his shoulder, he is ginger and likes nibbling at his ear.
Finally it was over, so he went upstairs to play in the kids room when he caught sight of a door way. he knew it was wrong but the curious side got the better of him and strode through.
Eventually he came to a landing where he saw a rusty cage of which contained a grotesque monster who had his brain showing and a green face however Peter wanted to free it but there were too many guards right now.
He sat on the steps thinking about how he would free the monster until Mum came up to tell him it was time to go. Lying in bed he thought of a plan, he left the comfort of his bed and started to walk towards the church.
Thankfully the church is not too far away so it didn’t take too long to get there. Finally he reached the platform where all the guards were asleep. He grabbed the guard’s keys and set the monster free! The monster scared all the guards away then haunted the church forever.
HZDb Movie Database
Film Title: The Attic
Synopsis: An epic quest to free a deformed monster that is locked in a church attic.
Location design: Francisco, Riyad, Jack, Amelia, John
Character development: Phoebe, Luke M, Aleeza, Jake F
Story by: Jack T
Animation by: Hollie, Evie, Amy

The Attic from hjsTV on Vimeo.

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