The Girl That Never Slept

By Kitty Rendle
Setting: in an old abandoned house.
Characters: Hannah and Rupert her dog.
It was midnight, still locked in her room….
Hannah was weeping under her bed. Hannah had ocean blue eyes, is quite small and has long lost parents. Rupert is Hannah’s pet dog he is scruffy and has a half broken collar.
All she wanted was to escape her horrible house. Every night all she would do was plan a way to escape. She sometimes tried her plans.
One snowy night, Hannah and Rupert were going to try out one of her best plans. It was to dig a hole through her floor to the landing. Fortunately, a ladder was kept in her room so Hannah and Rupert could climb down it. They were going to use old rocks that were left in her room and a metal tube.

So they began. Rupert chucked rocks at the X that Hannah made with an old piece of coal, which was left on the dull floor. Hannah grabbed the metal tube and wacked it against the floor. After about three hours it cracked. With one more hit it all fell to the floor…
HZDb Movie Database
Film Title: The Girl That Never Slept
Synopsis: The nail-biting story of a girl called Hannah and her dog, and their plan to escape from their horrible house.
Location design: Elijah, Lucy, Luke, Ruben, Laura
Character development: Kate W, Ruby P, Kate H, Asal
Story by: Kitty R
Animation by: Alfie, Gabriel, Yazmin, Lauren

The Girl Who Never Slept from hjsTV on Vimeo.

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