The Basement

by Natasha
“Creak” the floor boards creaked noisily as Harry made his way to bed. As he stepped into his bedroom a shot of cold air ran up his bony back. A glow was coming from under his battered bed Harry decided to investigate. He pushed the grubby bed aside .And cautiously stepped down the never ending set of stairs.
When he reached the bottom he saw a lantern. It was glowing blue and red it was as if there were spirits inside the lantern. Then Harry decided to open the ghostly lantern he crept cautiously towards the jar. He popped open the lid and there was a screaming screak. Harry jumped back in fright he covered his ears to try and block the sound out. Then there was a big explosion he spluttered all the dust had gone down his throat. Harry could see something green.
Harry walked through the mist. Suddenly a gigantic hand reached out from the middle of nowhere.  Harry gulped heavily he grabbed the golden lantern   he heaved as hard as he could sweat trickled down his forehead. Eventually he opened the glittery lantern the zombie was sucked inside the lantern. Harry gave a sigh of relief the monster was gone he walked up the never ending set of stairs back into his bedroom. A few days later he blocked up the hole so no other child could see what he had seen.
HZDb Movie Database
Film Title: The Basement
Synopsis: Alone in his bedroom, a glow is coming from beneath Harry’s bed. He decides to investigate.
Location design: Lara, Rebecca, Airavi, Poppy-Jane
Character development: Izzy, James S, Leah R, Dylan U
Story by: Natasha P
Animation by: Lewis, Lark, Jack, Henry

The Basement from hjsTV on Vimeo.

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