Thursday, 18 July 2013

Visit our animation pages

We are working on pages for each of our animated films. Unfortunately, Blogger only allows us to create 20 pages and there are 24 films. Yet another lesson we've learnt! On each page we aim to upload a copy of the original story, a photo of the Year 4 models, photos of the Year 3 backdrops, a full list of credits, and link to the finished animation.
You can view all the animations on our HJSTV page, which links to our Vimeo channel.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

The Nothing Cupboard by Gwenllian Lightburn and Amelia Aubrey-Rees

Once there was a cupboard. A nothing cupboard. Nobody new what was inside.
One day a boy made the biggest mistake of his life ; he went inside the cupboard. A man had said long ago that it was haunted by a ghost named Billy.
He went in and found a box. In the dusty box was dust in the dust he found a ghost his name was Billy.The man was right.
The kind ghost killed the boy called Tim.
And that is the end.

The Black Swan by Sophia

One day a girl named Elizabeth was walking by the side of a river, feeling very lonely. When suddenly she caught sight of something swimming in the water. As she got closer she saw a very unusual swan. Only, it was not a swan it was a black swan. She gave the swan some of her sandwich and it came out of the water. It snuggled up to her as if she was its mother. And from that day forth the swan would follow her everywhere she went and became the best of friends. Elizabeth named the black swan, Lara.

Alone by Emma Barnett

There I was , sitting on the grass,alone.No-one was near me and no-one was there.I was lost. I shivered as the wind swept the hair across my face.I tried to clip it back off my face but it was no use.I got up and walked across the field of corn as the morning dew brushed against my legs.Then I lay down and fell asleep . What seemed like 5 minutes later I woke up and found my self at home .Alone!

Left by Livvy

One rainy day Esther tumbled out of her bed and found herself lying beside her comfy bed. Then she rushed down the stairs and Remembered that it was her first Day at school. She was extremely nervous but She had to look forward to it because everyone loved it when she was looking around . Her mum spoke to her one day and said She had one the lottery but I did not believe it nothing good has ever good has happened to me. I had a great day at school. My mum said I was moving house.

The Big Red Button by Jack Goree

Someone called Bob Stanchirb was watching TV suddenly noticed a big red button on his remote it said do not touch.It was to tempting,Bob pressed the red button and the TV exploded with an almighty blast.But a heavy piece of metal hit the ground broke and Bob discovered a diamond mine.People were working they got really angry and caught him then they executed him.

Help! by Phoebe and Isabel

Here I am , falling from the sky,£60 every try.Raise money try your best every penny counts. Whatever's left! Help these children who aren't in school, a note to the Prime Minster that's all. Just help,help,help! only money you have to raise.Help,help,help! and colour these children's days.

The Theme Park by Rebecca Dent-Young

Long long long ago in the city of so door there was a theme park that burned down no one noes how it happened but this is my story of how it happened . There was a robber and every night that wanted to go to the fair but had no money. One gloomy night he got so frustrated that he went to the fair and blew it up and since then so door has been a very boring place to live.

Gone by Jess and Nuala

My name is Grace.I have brown hair and I am 10. I have a mum and a brother.It all started when I took my dog Rover for a run in the park. On the way Rover met another dog,a small, fluffy one. A Cockerpoo I think. As the dogs met me and the owner started chatting. Very soon the dogs got bored and ran into a bush, we didn't realise. I called for the dogs but unlike the other dog, Rover didn't come! He was gone.

Bubbles by Lucy Wilson

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere, everywhere you look everywhere you walk bubbles, bubbles everywhere!!! If I popped them would I drown or would I stay alive? I don't know? Bubbles, bubbles everywhere!

The Flamooligan by Rachel and Megan

n the forest there was a big, fat Flamooligan. The Flamooligan looked like a turnip. He lived in a tiny house that looked like a potato.He liked eating cheese. One day there was a knock at the door. He opened the door and there was a cheese with legs. "What are you doing here?" asked Flamooligan. The cheese said nothing. "Come in for some tea," said Flamooligan. The cheese came in. "I call you Cheeseyman!" exclaimed Flamooligan. Cheeseyman didn't have arms or a mouth and found it very tricky to drink the tea. So Cheeseyman went home.

Silence by Edi

I sat there. All I needed was to be on my own.I could hear my friends giggling.

The Jewel by Anna and Summer

The beautiful jewel glistened in the morning air. Many people had picked it up only to find it had turned into a rock! The jewel obviously didn't want to be owned. Men from all over the world came to try this jewel in hope of it staying as it should. Soon it was said anybody who could take it would instantly be crowned king! One day a young man came to see the jewel but the jewel seemed to have had enough. So as soon as the man touched it the jewel vanished!

Irreversible by Izzy

Once there was a girl called Zoe . She was always naughty and getting into trouble. One day she went into the park . Then she saw a light . It was so bright it hypnotised Zoe.As she stumbled around she fell down a rabbit hole like in Alice in wonderland . Down , Down,Down. Then with a thud she landed and came face to face with a three headed giant. As she was now back to normal she easily found the door. When she got out nobody beloved her story .It was irreversible

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Thank you

The Headteacher was stunned by the enthusiastic response to the suggestion that visitors to the exhibition might contribute to the blog. Clearly, the Festival of Literacy had inspired parents and pupils alike to delve into the creative caverns of their minds, and to revel in the thrill of word play. Such artistry! Is it possible to tell from the posts below whether they were written by adults or by children? Will we ever know? Does it matter? The Headteacher thanked everyone for their response, and wondered: what next?
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Thursday, 27 June 2013


We all sat in the room, silent, waiting. All of us sat still, as if afraid of a imaginary force. It was as if the next person to speak who be cursed, a curse of the wildest imagination. Silently, I shuffled, though no noise came. Then in she strode, tall and thin, her mouth shrivelled and her lips curled. Her eyelashes fluttered pathetically, as if to say she was delicate, and not to be messed with. Then he sneezed, and everyone turned to face him, with a menacing glare, she coughed and began to speak sharply...

By Becky Class 6

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I was standing in the queue at the post office when it happened for the first time.A man said, "Long time no see. How`s the new job going?" I`d never seen him before.I didn`t have a job.A case of mistaken identity.Then in Boots the girl on the till said, "Irene- no its not you.You`re the spitting image!" Later I thought about it who is she my doppelganger? Who would I be if I wasn`t me? If I had that freedom to be someone else entirely. A weight lifted from me I felt different already.


I fell, the endless deep green-blue swallowing me, engulfing me. A barren landscape spread out below me, almost welcoming. I began to feel sleepy and heavy, and the water seemed to press my eyes closed. Air leaked from my lips, and the spilled bubbles flitted to the surface like tiny fish. I fell.

The Theme Park

Wandering among the attractions breathing in that special theme park smell. that sweet like candy floss and salty greasy chips.Nothing can beat it.I jostled through the crowds ,heading for the big one,the one everyone was talking about. Apparently it made the most fearless person scream for their heart pounced in my chest as I joined the long queue for it as the queue got shorter and shorter my heat beat faster and faster , butterflies started somersaulting in my stomach. Then it happened I was at the front , next to the fastest ride in the country!

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I decided to draw a picture for my sons, David and James! What should I draw? I wondered, looking around anxiously to gain inspiration. A box of felt pens sat partly hidden in the art cupboard. I started with orange, drawing squiggles and wiggly lines, gradually adding other colours until the entire page was covered. I thought it looked wonderful! So psychedelic! So creative! I showed my masterpiece to David. "What do you think?" I expected enthusiasm and praise or at least some confirmation of my brilliance. David looked. He cocked his head to one side.
"It's different."

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Lazily swaying in the breeze,the poppies appeared as a hazy carpet on that hot summer's day.
Memory can play tricks on the mind, however; Bert thought for an instant that he was back in the fields of Flanders. He heard, at once, his comrades laughing nonchalantly, betraying the fear that haunted them day and night. In the distance... the incessant sounds of battle echoed through his memory; screaming shells; rumbling artillery left no doubt in his mins that he was imprisoned mind and soul.
" Grandad, what are you thinking about?"
With a shudder of relief, Bert's mind catapulted forwards 97 years and he gazed longingly at his 6 year old great granddaughter.

By anonymous

The big red button

I was stuck. I couldn't go back. The place was full and everyone was pushing to get out. In front of me was a door. I tried it, it was locked! If i couldn't do somthing I was going to be crushed. People behind were yelling at me "Open the door!"
   "Im trying," I said, "but i don't know how."
"It's easy!"  shouted a voice from the back, "Press the big red button in front of you."
  Suddenly I spotted it and pressed.
The door sprang open, I was free!


A gull's voice
Suddenly I was soaring. Flying! The wind whipped my face. I wavered, rain sting, forks of lightning snaking down. Gulls screamed. An apocalypse of clouds loomed above, a tangle of ribbons... Dark black... Angry clouds. A turbulence of waves caved in on itself, a crash resounding... Bending... Billowing. Friends dived through the waters, their prizes clasped tight. I dived.
Waters churning... Breaking... A fish, darting between the reeds... A lunge... It was gone, swirling out over the grey greenness. A haven below, yet a chaos above... I screamed a cry of exultation at the simplicity of my life. My voice was carried away by the wind, away into the darkness. My wing cracked, and I swirled off. A splash sounded. And I was back in the green haven, but I would stay for very long this time...



Towering above the gloomy forest, the jet black tower rose out of the mist, appearing suddenly out of the over grown grass. Trees with finger-like branches shadowed the tower, their solidity blocking out sunlight, causing a crazy network of jagged lines across the mossy walls. Lightning bolts shot across the steadily darkening sky, the dreary grey clouds blocking out the setting sun.


The ice-cream

It was a sweltering hot summer day and Harry was too hot to do anything. He decided to go to Blaise castle in hope of buying an Ice-cream. When he got there he saw the the ice-cream van and heard the gentle tinkling music. He rushed towards the van. Hurriedly, He lined up in the monsterous queue. He waited until he was at the front and then ordered his ice-cream. It arrived, humongous and towering. Steadily he walked away. It fell, leaving a large splatter on the floor.
"Give me another ice-cream!" he yelled.

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Location:Blaise castle


The right one, then the left.I close my eyes as I fall in the murky depths, I open them when I finally resurface. In the never ending ocean I swim with the energy I have left .I pull myself to the shore .I look around ,then Earth is just gone pale, then darkness.
By Awab Class6
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Monday, 24 June 2013

100 Word Challenge

At our Celebration Evening we are challenging our visitors to write brilliant stories in a maximum of 100 words.
They will be published here on the blog, but beware: we will exercise quality control. Our panel of "Stretch Writers" will scrutinise, and they may delete posts if they don't think the literary quality is up to HJS high standards!
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It's all coming together

Excitement mounts as we approach the Gala Premiere of our animated shorts. On Thursday 27th June 2013, at the Henleaze Junior School Celebration Evening, the fantastic work done by the whole school will be on display. Here's a sneak preview of the Exhibition Plan

Saturday, 1 June 2013

State of play

After 4 days of intense filming activity, Year 6 have gathered the footage they need for their animated films. Now all that is left to do is the post production. I say all... That is quite a task in itself!
The filming went very well. Thank goodness for the workshop day with Wendy and Roger. It meant that we were pretty confident with the software and had lots of good ideas for overcoming animation problems, such as how to make things fly or sink, and how to set up our backgrounds.
One of the problems we had to overcome was size. The models provided by Year 4 tended to be much larger than the Lego characters we practised with last week. That's because Year 4 designed such wonderfully detailed characters, and using pipe cleaners and plasticine, it was easier to make them about 12cm tall. But the scenery painted by Year 3 was A3 size, which worked fine with Lego models around 5 cm tall, but not always so well with bigger models. It's a question of perspective. But we found good solutions. Careful positioning of the camera, use of close ups, and enlarging the backdrops on the photocopier enabled us to keep the shots looking like the Year 5 storyboards.
It was a challenge filming the stories exactly as Year 5 wrote them. As animators, Year 6 had to be true to the authors' intentions, even if tempted to "improve" the plot by adding their own ideas. So whilst they could use their creativity to interpret the plot, they could not change it.
The films are made up of several scenes, assembled in order in Animate It. They have now been exported ready to import into iMovie, where we will add sound effects, voices, music and titles, and any special effects or transitions that are needed. All of this could be done within Animate It, but we think there are more options available in iMovie, and it's good to get familiar with another app.

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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Class2 Wednesday 22 May

Today is a fantastic day in Class2 ! We have started our animation project after Year 5 wrote our stories, Year 4 made our models and Year 3 made our backdrops.
We practised yesterday and watched some clips from Shaun the Sheep and Lego Star Wars to inspire us. It looked so easy but we are finding it tougher than we thought.
Dylan has acted as our class journalist and has obtained the following quotes:
"It is fun but a bit fiddly."
"It makes you resilient."
"It is a bit confusing and lots of hard work."

As well as learning about animation, we are having to learn how to use various types of software including IMovie and Animate It, together with having to save and export our clips regularly.

One of the things we are finding the hardest is putting the models into place, then moving the bodies gently and slowly in order to make them move on film. Animate it (the software) shows a shadow of where the model was before it was moved, which is helping a lot, but it is still tricky!

UPDATE: Thursday 23rd May
Today we watched the animations. We thought the year 3 backdrop were amazing. The films were brilliant but we were how short they were.It was a good experience! 
By Dylan

Monday, 20 May 2013

Class 1 are busy working on animating the stories created for our Festival of Literacy. Following our training workshop last Friday, small groups are applying all they learnt last week. Working vertically in groups throughout the school, we have been busy using beautiful sets created by class 12 (year 3), the very professional clay models from class 9 (year 4) and the creative stories written by class 6 (year5). Collaborative learning at its best! Later we will be uploading the animations ready for editing in iMovie.

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Friday, 17 May 2013


It may be SATS week, but the excitement is mounting for the Festival of Literacy Animation Week.

Year 3 have been painting backdrops. The BIG question is: How BIG should the backdrop be? And will we be shooting against the painted scenery or against a green screen, with the scenery being added in later on the computer? Gosh, it's technical stuff.

Year 4 classrooms have acquired the distinctive smell of plasticene. The children have been working really hard all week making characters based on their design drawings. Some of the detail is amazing. They are having to work out how to make their models stand up, and how to make them strong enough to withstand a whole day of being manipulated for the films.

Year 5 have been showing their storyboards to Year 4. It is interesting to see how the characters and settings have been integrated into the stories. In some cases there have been interesting changes: most notably, the character of Mum who has strangely become a dinosaur. The model makers have cleverly used the storyboards to help them adapt their characters.

Year 6 worked with animator Wendy Griffiths and software maker Roger Young on Friday 17th, learning the principles of stop frame animation. Some of the children have experimented with this before, either in school or at home, but it was great to get some tips from the professionals. Now we are all set up and ready to go next week.